Parson's Rain


Parson's Rain

The discovery of a body floating in the Anacostia River during a summer downpour brings Homicide Detective Parson Barrett into a complex web of murder, deceit and hidden secrets. A double murder days later seems unrelated, but soon bears directly on the case. As Barrett seeks answers, a new romance blossoms and takes center stage in his normally mundane life.

Barrett uncovers evidence ParsonsRain the first murder is connected to a child pornography ring in the mountains of Western Maryland. The pictures are horrific and he vows to save the children and shut down the vile escapade, despite the fact that it is out of his jurisdiction. The leads take him to a small western Maryland town presided over by Judge Thomas who are tied to International interests, and a US Senator. As the stakes get higher, Barrett must battle both the human traffickers and the American legal system.

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Our book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.


Our book is incredible - there is no doubt about it. Those who read it know it already. Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

  • July rain puddled on top of the asphalt coated Maine Avenue pier. The humid Saturday night air clung to every surface as a haze of moisture dripping from the sky. Late night diners walked quickly and directly to waiting cars and cabs. Humidity halos surrounded bright street lights and neon signs pronouncing food and drink of all types.

    Two figures seemingly ignored the moisture and puddles, walking hand in hand next to the railing separating land and river. Their hands were entwined and their bodies tilted inward to each other. Their emotions were on clear display to anyone who cared to look at the couple, but tonight passersby were more concerned with the dank swamp atmosphere than with young love on the hoof.

    He put his left arm around her slender waist. She laid her head on his left shoulder. Their feet took synchronized steps always associated with duos in love. He gently guided her to the railing and they stood looking up the Washington Channel towards the Tidal Basin. Their view was obscured by bridges, buildings and the stars in their eyes. Each let out a deep sigh of contentment as they sweated through their shirts.

  • "That was a great dinner" she said. "Thanks for thinking of it."

    "Hogates is one of those old family special restaurants" he replied. "When I was a kid, we used to come down here for special occasions. The highlight was always the rum buns."

    "It’s nice that you took me to your family's favorite restaurant" she said. "It makes me feel even more welcome."

    "I'm glad to hear that" he said. "It makes what I have to say next much easier."

    "OH" she said with a smile in her voice. "That sounds ominous."

    "More than you know." He reached into his pocket and withdrew something she couldn't see. "Kathy, we've been going together for almost two years now. It’s been the greatest time of my life and I hope you feel the same."

  • "Gordon what are you doing?"

    "I'm asking you to marry me, Kathy" he said. He took her hand and placed a diamond ring in her palm.

    "Oh my God" she exclaimed.

    "Kathy, will you marry me?"

    "Yes, of course you big oaf. What took you so long?"

    She leapt into his arms and smothered his face with kisses. He helped her put the ring on her finger, wincing inside at the tiny size of the diamond. "Someday," he thought. "I'll get her the ring she really deserves." He hugged her tightly and smiled into her hair.

  • Something in the river caught his eye. It looked like a log floating half submerged in the brown ichor that passed for river water in these parts. While he held her he focused on the log waiting for it to pass beneath the sodium vapor light. The orange glow turned the nasty water into a deep ochre color. The mild current drifted Styrofoam cups, half submerged bottles, limbs and sticks, unidentified biological items and the log toward the couple. He looked even more closely as the log approached. He broke the embrace and pushed Kathy to arm’s length.

    "What's wrong Gordon?" she asked.

    "Look over there, that log looks odd to me."

    "I guess the honeymoon is over before it began" she laughed. "You're more interested in your log than you are in me."

    "Kathy, look at the log and tell me what you see." His tone of voice straightened her up and caused her to turn towards the water.

  • "It’s a log, Gordon."

    "Look closer" he said. "That looks like a body to me."

    "No," she replied. "That is definitely a wooden branch on the right side. You can even see some leaves still attached. I bet it broke off a tree in the storm."

    "Yeah, I agree with you on that," he said. "But look on the other side. That looks like a head and some blonde air trailing in the water. Seriously, take another look."

    Kathy stared intently. A small wavelet rolled the log slightly and she began to scream as the face broke the surface. Attached to the left eye was an eel like animal that held on to the socket. The mouth hung open and the tail darted in and out as if looking for cavities.


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