Prescience:  The fact of knowing something before it takes place, foreknowledge.


It is always easy to predict the future after the fact.  It’s a lot harder to predict it before it happens.  Six years ago, I wrote a book entitled “Ghost of Empire.”  In the book, Eric Lantz, our protagonist, is tasked with finding the source of a man-made pandemic which starts in China and India.  The “Bloody Flu” is fact acting, spread through the air and contact, and was developed from the Rhino virus, a close relative of Corona.

The book explores how the United States locks up the country.  The problems faced by the country as a result of the lock down are explored.  What happens when truck drivers from Mexico try to run the border?  What happens when aircraft are turned around at the airport?

The virus is dispersed in the railroad stations of Beijing and New Deli.  By using the stations, the virus spreads rapidly and viciously in the two countries.  China and India are both reliant on railroad travel. 

Oh, did I tell you that someone nuked Tehran in the book?  Yeah.  With the government of Iran gone, a plague debilitating India and China, it becomes clear that someone is playing a deadly game.  Who could do such a thing?  Why would they do it?

Check out “Ghost of Empire.”  I’ll be interested in your thoughts of how close I came to reality.


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